Generation Z: Living through an era of fakeness.

Interesting huh?  Ladies and Gentlemen believe it or not we are living through a more massive than anticipated, cultural revolution. With new tech emerging, we are seeing society change very fast. Some people think the change is good and say we are moving forward, and then some say its the devil and AI (Artifical Intelligence) is gonna take over. Now if you think robots are taking over, just stop, please! Stop being so pessimistic. You’ll thank me once your done reading all the parts of this post.

You see I’d like to tell you a story. A story about trust. But before I think we should start by understanding what different types trust are. I think that Steven Covey; the Author of the book “Speed of Trust” can give us some insight on this matter. In his book, Covey says that there are 5 types of trust. Starting with self-trust, then relational, organizational, market trust, and last but definitely not least Societal Trust. Now you see, this story is about the last one. Societal Trust AKA Economic Trust. A story that will help uncover the level fakeness of the world we live in today.

You see, as some of you may know between years ooww..I believe 2011-2014 I lived in Egypt. During this period I lived in different parts of Egypt. Living there the most interesting town I lived in was called ” Hawamidaia”. You see some would say Hawamidaia was a pretty “Ghetto” town. I mean for a kid that grew up in the suburbs of Lynwood, WA it was quite the culture shock at first at first. But hidden underneath the rubbles of Hawamidaia was a town that was built on trust. A town that more than welcomed me into its community. It was a Farming town. A town where everyone knew everyone and credibility was everything.

I can remember like it was yesterday walking down the street….the smell of cow manure littered the streets. Mmmm french fries I’d think, not even noticing the smell. Potatoes. There were the easiest to cook and really cheap. Every time I walked back home from school the local potato merchant would shake my hand and ask me how my day was. He was among one of the most interested people that I’ve met to date. He was good people. He knew how to build trust. This man would even frequently let me get potatoes with a handshake and no money upfront. I remember these handshakes felt as heavy as mountains. This potato merchant is a small example of societal trust. And the thing is it wasn’t just him only, it was the culture of the community as a whole. It’s a small example of what societal trust is. Just imagine for a second….I’d like you to imagine….how much faith do you think people in that small town had in each other?

Societal trust is where it all begins. Now you see Hawamidaia has something to teach us about economic trust that is being lost in the midst of today fakeness. There some wisdom in that story. It teaches us lessons on how we can make our economy more robust and beneficial for everyone. We all know about the shift we are seeing from the industrial to the information age. Some like the changes and some don’t. Now, here’s the thing, the market doesn’t care what you think about the changes. That right. Innovation is going to continue. And right now we need to realize that we have to take the right approach. A human-centric approach.You see the internet changed a lot of things, and is changing up a whole lot more. Just look we are living in one of the fakes parts of the information age.  It’s changing the say we communicate. Story tell. With this change, it’s become so much easier to be fake. Like with any new innovation its gonna have some flaws at first. And you may be wondering what do I mean by all this jibber jabber, right? What the point, right?

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Part 2:  Web 3.0


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